Purchasing / Procurement


Is your organizations strategic purchasing process manual based on paper and excel spread sheets? If your answer is yes, then you’re at risk of a prolonged purchasing cycle, reduced savings and an inefficient purchasing process. We analyze your organizations purchasing processes and make recommendations to improve and streamline the processes while reducing wasteful practices and increasing productivity.

A centralized purchasing area has more pros than cons and below are just a few of the pros

  • Better budgetary and financial control of department expenditures
  • Reduction in administrative costs through elimination of multiple purchasing staff’s records and procedures
  • Eliminates the need of non-purchasing personnel to compete tasks with which they may not be familiar

Supplier Consolidation
How many suppliers are currently registered with your organization? Every organization should set goals of reducing the amount of suppliers by 5% within the next 12 months, and propose a staff bonus each time they figure out how to do it. Purchasing Buyers develop habits of buying selected items from each supplier. In most instances, however, organizations can consolidate five suppliers to three or three suppliers to two, and become a more valuable customer to the remaining suppliers. We’ll provide tools which allow the negotiation of better pricing through higher volume, and document the soft savings in bill processing, bill payment and time saved with fewer supplier meetings, phone calls and e-mails.

Association / Purchasing Consortiums
Do any of your organizations industry associations offer group purchasing discounts that you can take advantage of?

We’ll connect you with purchasing groups that provide dedicated staff that perform the research, find the vendors, and handle the bidding for its members.