Purchasing / Procurement

Print & Design / Branded Merchandise & Logistics Solutions

Analyze your organizations annual spending on print and fulfillment related services. The results of this effort will no doubt raise additional questions about how savings can be achieved in the areas of printing and fulfillment spending. We realize that silos of business exist within all large corporate entities and that crossing the organizational boundaries has its challenges. Various organizations are finding that the print and distribution spend can be managed and monitored within the framework of a single silo model. Significant reductions in spending are achieved by defining processes, reviewing the work being out sourced to suppliers, and in some cases taking dramatic steps to achieve “Best Practices” for both in-sourcing and outsourcing. In other words, the right work to the right suppliers at the right time for the right reason.

We perform a Gap Analysis, provide a proposal for review and make recommendations.

In-House Printing
Whatever documents drive your business, we can perform an expert on-site analysis of your document processing center. Our recommendations will assist in cost control and introduce best practices. Additionally the following are just a few areas in which we produce savings:

  • We provide the tools to reduce central high speed printing
  • Reduce companywide printing in favor of electronic communications
  • Reduce cost of printing that is not required