Typical Questions

Some of our most frequently-asked questions

Typical Questions

Are there any upfront costs or fees?

We have no upfront fees, hidden charges or retainers because we’ve been very successful at finding savings and funds for our clients.

Will it take a lot of time to gather copies of expenses?

Your staff will be directed to provide only copies of the information required for us to perform our analysis. We could assist with your invoices if it will help your organization. Sometimes we can get the required information directly from your vendors with your prior approval.

How do you work with vendors?

Historically, ECSS has worked very well with vendors. We work in a thorough and respectful manner to find cost solutions for our clients. We may however, experience moderate to high tension from some vendors who are fearful of or defensive about our efforts. We strive to decrease the tension and work with vendors openly and honestly. ECSS will not make changes to any vendor accounts without the clients written approval.

Where do you find savings or refunds?

ECSS reviews and analysis all areas within your organizations operational expense budget. We’ll recommend all avenues of cost savings and our client chooses which ones they want to pursue.

How will I know what we are saving?

ECSS will provide a clear and concise saving report upon completion of our analysis. Our goal is to provide a very specific report with data that shows actual savings versus estimated savings.

How much does your service cost?

ECSS invoices for a percentage of actual cost savings to your organization. The percentage rate is based upon the area of cost savings and will be clearly noted on our agreement. ECSS will submit invoicing only once savings or refunds are credited or actualized by your vendor. You will only be invoiced if you are saving money.